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Super Lawyers Cannabis Law Articles

What Is Cannabis Law?

Everything there is to know about an emerging area of law

Legal Cannabis and Criminal Record Expungement in Illinois

How expungement works and how you can speed up the process

Alabama's Medical Marijuana Law Doesn't Apply at Work

Cardholders still may experience repercussions on the job

What the Law Says About Cannabis and the Workplace

Are there employee protections in medical and recreational marijuana states?

New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana for Adults

What will marijuana legalization in New Jersey look like?

Cannabis Business in Arizona: The Basics

What to know in the wake of Prop 207

What You Need for a Cannabis Business in San Diego

Tips to be in full compliance with California law

Nipping Startup Concerns in the Bud

The cannabis industry is financially rewarding, but complicated, in NorCal

Don't Go Up in Smoke When You Enter Cannabis

Getting into the Illinois industry might not be as easy as you think

What I Need to Open a Dispensary in Minnesota

The state rules and regulations to enter medical cannabis retail

Can a Bank Work with a Cannabis Business Legally?

How to comply federally under the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering regulations

What Do I Need to Apply for a Nevada Marijuana License?

A business plan, access to funding, and a location … to start

Ways to Prevent Liability as a Pennsylvania Cannabis Business

How to comply with state laws and regulations

What Are the Business Regulations for Cannabis in Massachusetts?

The rules you need to prepare in the marijuana, hemp, and CBD space

What You Must Do to Legally Issue Marijuana

The New Jersey law for facilities

What to Do If Workers Fail Drug Tests From CBD

Lexington, Kentucky, attorney Matthew Lockaby on how employers can prepare for CBD in the workplace

What You Need to Apply for a Cannabis License in Missouri

Legal tips if you’re opening a dispensary, grow operation—or otherwise

Real Estate Guidelines for Massachusetts Cannabis Businesses

The laws you need to know when you start a marijuana operation

Can Cannabis Become Big Business in New York?

Exploring the potential pot of gold

How to Seek Zoning Approval for Marijuana in Florida

The legal process to seek cannabis real estate

What You Need to Apply for a Cannabis License in New Jersey

What you need to comply with the laws and regulations

How to Get Started in Michigan's Budding Business

Attorneys share their advice for breaking into the state’s growing cannabis industry

Tips to Comply with California Cannabis Law

After your business is set up, legal needs may persist

How Much Would It Cost to Open a Dispensary in Nevada?

An overview of the licensing, application, legal fees, and more

The Common Legal Questions CBD Businesses Face

Hemp is no longer a controlled substance, but it still has regulations

How to Obtain an OLCC Marijuana License in Oregon

A legal overview of the four types businesses can apply for

How to Solve Land Use and Zoning for a Cannabis Business

The process of obtaining a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) in Oregon

Don't Be a Dope About Maine's Cannabis Laws

Legal tips to avoid risk while running a New England cannabis business

The Rules to Legally Prescribing Medical Marijuana and CBD

What medical professionals in Florida must do to comply with regulations

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