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Super Lawyers Class Action/Mass Torts Articles

What Are Class Action and Mass Torts Law?

Two similar areas of the law with some key distinctions

Should You Join a Class Action in Texas?

Houston attorney Kevin Parker explains how they work

Should You Join a Class Action in California?

San Francisco attorney Mark E. Burton explains the ins and outs of signing on for a large lawsuit

How 'Our Terms Have Changed' Affects Class Action Settlements

A new strategy from plaintiff’s attorneys may prevent companies from cheating “large numbers of consumers out of individually small sums of money”

What to Do If You Suspect You're Part of a Class Action

Legal considerations for when you have reason to believe a lawsuit impacts you

Your Options When You Receive a Settlement Notice

If it’s early enough, you can accept, opt out or object to the terms

Landing a Refund for Flights Cancelled from COVID-19

Airlines have been ordered to issue full refunds—not just vouchers—for coronavirus-related cancellations

The Compensation Types in a Medical Device Lawsuit

What you're potentially entitled to if you’re successful in an Arkansas mass tort case

What Happens If I'm Part of a Defective Product Lawsuit?

How these consumer class action suits are resolved in North Carolina

What Does It Mean to be the Lead Plaintiff or Class Representative?

The role of a named party in a Washington class action suit

How is a Class Certified in Pennsylvania?

A legal breakdown of an important step in a class action

Could My Workplace Discrimination Claim Become a Class Action?

Probably not, but you may still have a case

Do I Pay the Attorneys as a Member of a Class Action?

How are lawyer fees and litigation costs settled in a New Jersey mass torts claim?

The Impact Arbitration Clauses Have on Class Action Lawsuits

The recent developments in class actions waivers

What is a Shareholder Derivative Action?

How a class action lawsuit can help Massachusetts investors

How and Why to Opt Out of a Class Action Suit

File the paperwork, then your own lawsuit, perhaps with an Ohio attorney’s help

5 Common Questions About Defending a Class Action

A brief legal guide with answers from attorneys who know

What Happens in a Class Action Mediation?

Answering your questions about the goings on behind closed doors

Should My Injury Lawsuit Be a Class Action?

Mass torts vs. civil suit: What you stand to gain in Maryland

How a Class Action Judgment is Distributed

The compensation options that Illinois class members stand to receive

Can My Lawsuit Be a Class Action?

What you need in order to certify a class in Ohio

You Aren't Alone: The Class Action Path for Sexual Misconduct

Another legal avenue in the civil court system for survivors of sexual abuse and harassment

What Happens in Personal Injury Class Action Lawsuits in Florida

What to do when you’re part of a group of injured parties

Should I Join a Class Action Lawsuit in New York?

New York legal specialists weigh in

What Does This Class Action Letter Mean?

St. Louis attorneys have the answer

An Overview on Toxic Torts Law

When injury was caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals

What is Asbestos Law?

Understanding asbestos and your legal options

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