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New York Super Lawyers Intellectual Property Articles

How Do I Protect a Trademark or Copyright Internationally?

Domestic legal advice when looking abroad for your intellectual property

Tips to License Your Art in New York

What the intellectual property laws say and how to make money under them

What to do if Someone Steals Your Art Online

How to copyright your work and take action against those who steal it

When to Protect an Idea with a Patent, Copyright or Trademark

If you have a big idea in the Big Apple, here's what to do

Are DNA Testing Companies Selling My Genetic Information?

Probably not, but read the terms if you’re concerned about your privacy

Do's and Don'ts of an Online Startup in New York

Answering the Basic Questions

Copyright Law in the Digital Age

The trouble with copy and paste

When Infringement Meets Online Publishing

As books enter the digital space, lawyers must protect authorship

Free (Down)Loaders

The true cost of freebies

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