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Super Lawyers Intellectual Property Articles

Steps To Protecting Your Business’s Intellectual Property

Ensuring your business’s intangible assets are secure

Should My Business Hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

An intellectual property attorney can be a great asset for your business

When Do I Need Permission To Use a Copyrighted Work?

In most cases, you’ll need copyright permission

What To Do if Someone Steals Your Intellectual Property

Understanding how to handle theft of intellectual property

Legal Considerations When You Transfer Intellectual Property Rights

An overview of IP transactions in Tennessee

Tips for Licensing Your Intellectual Property

What the laws say in Ohio when you want to grant the use of your idea

What is Fair Use versus Infringement in North Carolina

When using a copyrighted work is not infringement

How to Reduce Your Company's Attack Surface

Data-breach advice from attorneys in Northern California

How Are IP Issues Sorted Out in a Business Transaction?

What happens to pieces of intellectual property when a business changes hands

How Can I Recover My Domain Name?

What can be done in Georgia when cybersquatters and infringers get your URL

What Constitutes Intellectual Property Infringement?

What Delaware and federal courts say regarding patents and copyrights

What You Need to Argue Unfair Competition in Connecticut

How the state’s intellectual property laws define it

How Do I Protect a Trademark or Copyright Internationally?

Domestic legal advice when looking abroad for your intellectual property

Tips to License Your Art in New York

What the intellectual property laws say and how to make money under them

What to do if Someone Steals Your Art Online

How to copyright your work and take action against those who steal it

When to Protect an Idea with a Patent, Copyright or Trademark

If you have a big idea in the Big Apple, here's what to do

How to Fight Overseas Cybersquatters

Don’t let international companies cherry pick upon your success

An Intellectual Property Lawyer May Save Your Idea

When inventors should call one, and what to avoid beforehand

Can I Sue a Studio If It Steals My Idea?

How to wage a legal battle over theft of ideas during a Hollywood movie pitch

Check Your Brand Before Brewing

Don’t get soused in Oregon

How Do I Name My Beer?

Craft brewery branding rights in Oregon

What is Considered Secondary Liability in California?

The policies and punishments of indirect copyright infringement

The Contracts Involved in Book Publishing

Legal advice on becoming a published author in Washington state

Don't Let Your Face Be Stolen

You have the right to control your likeness in Washington

How to Legally Protect Your Artistic Creation

Copyright protections in Washington state

Are DNA Testing Companies Selling My Genetic Information?

Probably not, but read the terms if you’re concerned about your privacy

When to Use Non-Disclosures for Your Business

Protecting your competitive edge through NDAs in Maryland

Patent, Trademark or Copyright?

The process and pitfalls of turning your big idea into a protected asset

My Intellectual Property Was Stolen

Steps to take after copyright, trademark or patent infringement in New Jersey

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