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Super Lawyers Patents Articles

When Should I Patent My Idea?

Preparing your invention for a patent filing

What Are the Steps To Patenting My Idea?

Understanding the patent application process

When Should I Get a Patent Lawyer?

When it’s smart to have a lawyer help with your patent rights

What You Need to Submit Utility and Design Patent Applications

And whether or not you need expert legal help in Southern California

What Are Post-Grant Patent Proceedings?

And should a holder have an attorney present?

What is Involved in Patent Portfolio Management?

And do Georgia businesses really need an attorney to do it for them?

Do I Need a Patent to Sell My Idea?

How to protect your rights when capitalizing on your intellectual property in Virginia

How Do I Protect a Patent Internationally?

Massachusetts legal advice when you’re seeking to protect intellectual property abroad

How Much Does a Patent Cost?

Lowered expectations may make your patent a successful one

You?ve Invented Something

What the patent application process is like

I Need to Protect My New Product Innovation

Call an IP attorney who handles patent applications

Protecting Your Invention

Should Ohio inventors file a provisional application for a patent?

What is Patent Law?

This area of intellectual property law comes with its own set of complex challenges

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