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Super Lawyers Land Use/Zoning Articles

What Are Florida Developments of Regional Impact?

And how does that label affect land use and zoning laws?

What is California's Density Bonus Law?

And what do developers need to do to qualify?

What the California Environmental Quality Act Requires

And how it may affect your real estate project

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Conservation Easement?

And how much time and money will it take?

3 Reasons to Set Up a Conservation Easement

Why agricultural, industrial and environmental projects might seek one

Working With a Utah Municipality on Zoning Changes

A guide to variances, conditional uses, and nonconforming uses

Applying for a Variance or Conditional Use Permit in SoCal

An overview of common zoning requirements and how to get them

How Do I Make a Zoning Change or Exception?

A legal overview of re-zoning, variances and conditional use permits in Rhode Island

How to Redevelop Property in a NYC Historic District

Lawyers warn 'it's not for the faint of heart'

A Legal Guide to Zoning Changes and Exceptions

How to apply for rezoning, variances and conditional use permits in Illinois

Oregon Supports Residential Beekeeping

But beware of local nuisance laws, backyard beekeepers

What is Land Use and Zoning Law?

Real property owners should be aware of the applicable land use and zoning requirements

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