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New York Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

The Ways to Contest a Will in New York Are Few

NYC estate planning attorneys break it down

Can New York Police Search My Car?

Your rights during a traffic stop

When Your Health Insurance Company Says 'No'

How New Yorkers can fight back against a denied claim

Does Fault Impact Medical Compensation in an Auto Accident?

How expenses and lost wages are sorted in Upstate New York

The New Office

Are work-from-home employees entitled to the same benefits that on-site workers are?

It Pays to Be Proactive When It Comes to Trademarks

Business advice from New York intellectual property attorneys

What Can Be Done About Ransomware Attacks?

Legal advice from New York data security attorneys

Is Collaborative Divorce Best for You?

How to avoid the family law courts in New York

How the Pandemic Affected Tenants' Rights in NYC

Talking to attorneys about eviction prevention

Why Your Life Insurance May Have Been Denied in New York

Common reasons for nonpayment and avenues for recovery

When to Call a Tax Attorney Instead of an Accountant

How to navigate the tax labyrinth in New York

What to Know If You're Considering a Pet Trust in New York

Planning for the care of your pet when you're no longer able

What to Do If You're Injured While Riding a Bike

How to expect the unexpected in NYC

When is Workplace Speech Protected and When Isn't It?

NYC lawyers speak out on speaking out

You Don't Lose Everything in a New York Bankruptcy

Clearing up misconceptions on how personal bankruptcy affects your family

Will a New York Lawyer Take My Case for Free?

Frequently asked questions about pro bono legal assistance in NYC

On-the-Job Injuries When You Work From Home

How New York workers’ compensation laws apply

Is There Leeway in Leases?

Renegotiation, termination and litigation in New York real estate

What to Do If You Butt Heads With a Loved One's Nursing Home

Dealing with a New York care facility during COVID-19

What Do Fraudulent and Abusive Debt-Collection Practices Look Like?

Your first line of defense against debt-collection scams is knowing your debt top to bottom 

How to Begin an Estate Plan in New York

Your attorney will—comfortably—guide you through the process

Business Closings, Gatherings and Stay-at-Home Orders

New York civil rights lawyers weigh in

The State of the DACA Program

New Yorkers are still able to dream

What to Know About Price-Gouging and Price-Fixing in a Crisis

Some New Yorkers learned the hard way during COVID

Taxpayer Options to Make Peace with the IRS

From amended returns to audits in New York

If You Don't Have a Will in New York

What happens if you die without an estate plan in place

Can You Sue If Someone Gives You COVID?

What New Yorkers can do if someone knowingly puts you at risk of the COVID-19 virus

Reasonable Work Accommodations in the Age of COVID

Extraordinary times and reasonable measures at New York workplaces

What to Know About Digital Spying During a Divorce

The legal, illegal, and inadvisable in New York

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