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Texas Super Lawyers personal injury legal resources

When Should You Settle a Personal Injury Case?

Why a jury trial isn’t always the best way to go

How Do You Find a Good Personal Injury Attorney in Texas?

Things to look for when selecting the law firm to handle your personal injury claim

How Do You Navigate a Personal Injury Case?

Here's how it all works in Texas

What Makes a Good Personal Injury Case in Texas?

Injury, liability and someone with the ability to pay

Tips When Considering a Texas Personal Injury Attorney

What to look for and what to avoid

Protection for Domestic Abuse Victims in Texas

The Address Confidentiality Program may help

Considerations When Looking for a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a lawyer is a major decision that requires careful thought

Recovering Damages Against a Texas Local Government

How “sovereign immunity” can affect your personal injury claim

Personal Injury Damages and Proportionate Responsibility

Texas limits recovery to plaintiffs who are 50 percent or less responsible

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