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Super Lawyers Products Liability Articles

Who Can I Sue for Defective Product Liability?

Understand who’s responsible for product defects

How to Prove a Products Liability Claim

Understand how to get compensated for your defective product injuries

Proving a Product Caused Your Injury in Colorado

Preserving the evidence can be crucial to holding manufacturers responsible

How Much Does a Product Injury Case Cost in Colorado?

Also, how long does it take to resolve?

Defective Product Lawsuits and Alabama Law

How do you establish negligence and/or strict liability for personal injury

What South Carolina Homeowners Need to Prove a Construction Defect

Courts want to see documentation in a product liability lawsuit

You Have 3 Years to File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit in Massachusetts

The actions you must take, and when, if you or a loved one fall ill from asbestos

How Do I Know If a Medical Device is Defective or Harmful?

Establishing liability for an injury lawsuit in Washington state

Can I Sue for Damages in a Vehicle Recall or Defect?

How California laws deal with product personal injury claims

Proving an Injury was Due to a Product Defect

Pennsylvania product liability law and how to recover compensation

What You Can Do If You Have a Defective Tree Stand

Injuries due to falling from a tree stand is more common than you may think

What Happens If My Rifle Misfires?

How and when Missourians can sue a gun manufacturer

Taking Legal Action Against Opioids

Ohio takes the lead on claims against opiod manufacturers and distributors

Looking for Liability for Opioid Deaths

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies—who can you sue?

Suing Dicamba for Causing Crop Damage

How Missouri farmers can take action against herbicides

What to Do If Your Product Injured a Consumer

First things first: call a personal injury defense lawyer

An Overview on Medical Devices Law

Learn the basics of recalls and lawsuits

What is Product Liability Law?

When do you have a case, and what kinds of cases are there?

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