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Taking Chances

Brian McKeen’s medical malpractice career is defined by cases that weren’t obvious winners

'These Are the Women to Call'

Great Lakes Legal Group was born of, and defined by, a tight relationship

Facing the Fear

When the pandemic hit, Lori Becker geared up to help as an emergency responder

Sorting Out Estate Plans, Divorce and Custody Under COVID-19

Rather than giving up, Ryan Kelly has found ways to adapt in clients’ time of need

The Writing's On the Wall

The signs that guided Jennifer Salvatore to open her own employment and civil rights firm

The Lawyer in Wolf's Clothing

Bodybuilding, engineering and even martial arts influence Wolfgang Mueller’s law practice

Tales Out of School

Timothy J. Mullins represents school districts and their myriad legal issues

Books and Cable Shows and Podcasts, Oh My!

A Q&A with Henry Gornbein about his many irons in the fire

Finding My America

Six immigrants share their journeys to become Michigan attorneys

Notes from Justice Souter

Clerking for a SCOTUS judge left a lasting impact on Riyaz Kanji

The Way Back Home

Homayune Ghaussi works to bring law back to Afghanistan

Sheila Eddy’s Stout Defense

The IP attorney uses humor to protect a brewery and fight off the band LMFAO

Local Counsel with Jody B. Lipton

The Southfield attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Their Greatest Gift

What Amy Tripp’s grandparents taught her about life and elder law

Mr. Bursch Goes Back to Washington

John Bursch has had 14 U.S. Supreme Court cases, and won 10 of them

A Chemical Action

Bud Roegge litigates an agricultural disaster