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$10,000 May Be All You Can Get If Your Pet is Killed

With few exceptions, Maryland’s statutory cap often makes pet owners even sadder

When an Owner Isn’t Liable for a Dog Bite

Maryland’s laws when a pet bites someone

California’s Law on Pets Left in Hot Cars

The consequences of a pet owner, and the protections for the pet rescuer

How to Save a Pet from an Abusive Household

Minnesota courts and shelters offer protection

Shared Custody Arrangements for Pets

Illinois law allows judges to make such an order

Planning Your Pet’s Future

How to create a trust or estate plan for your pet in Minnesota

Dog Wills, Cat Injuries and Malpractice, Oh My!

Where do our pets stand in the U.S. legal system?

Can I Sue When Someone’s Dog Bites Me?

The laws regarding dog bites in Nevada

The Dog Days of Litigation

Legal issues surrounding dog bites in New York City

Washington State’s Strict Liability for Dog Bites

Are owners responsible even if their dog has never previously bit anyone?

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