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Super Lawyers Elder Law Articles

What to Do If You Butt Heads With a Loved One's Nursing Home

Dealing with a New York care facility during COVID-19

When You Want to Choose Your Time to Die

Understanding Colorado’s aid-in-dying law

The Law and Aging in America

What we don't talk about when we talk about getting old

How to Protect Your Spouse in Medicaid Planning

Federal and Pennsylvania rules to shelter assets from nursing home costs

Elder Law in New York During the Pandemic

Why it's crucial to get your agents in place

Nursing Home Care in the Age of COVID-19

What senior Floridians need to know

How Do You Investigate Nursing Home Abuse?

A San Diego elder law attorney's tips if you suspect neglect or abuse

What You Need to be Eligible for Arizona Long Term Care System?

Breaking down income limits, resource requirements, and medical criteria for ALTCS

What If I Suspect Elder Abuse?

If a senior suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, a trial can be complicated

How to Spot Signs of Caregiver Financial Abuse

And what an attorney can do to help in New York

What is the Medicaid Income Cap Trust?

How it works and pays for Californians’ health care expenses

What Can You Do If You’re Victim to Elder Financial Abuse?

An attorney can protect you from scamming caregivers, loved ones, and more in California

What Is a Supplemental Needs Trust?

And how they can help the injured, disabled, and persons with special needs in North Carolina

Securing a Power of Attorney in New York

Who should look after your assets when you cannot?

How to Report Elder Abuse in Oregon

An overview of the laws meant to protect you, and how a lawyer can help enforce them

Assisted Suicide and the Law in Colorado

A legal overview for preparing to choose the end of your life

Should I Take Early or Delayed Social Security?

There are pros and cons for Georgia seniors

When Should I Start Receiving Social Security?

For Maryland seniors, age affects benefits

Can I Shelter Assets to Qualify for Medicaid?

Pooled trusts allow Georgia seniors to qualify

Covering Your Care Needs in Maryland

As you age, it’s important to plan for Medicaid and/or long-term care

Financial Planning for Medicaid in Illinois

How to navigate the laws and ensure that nursing home care will be covered

Should I take Early, Full or Delayed Social Security?

When Texas retirees should draw and the effect on their benefit amount

Losing Your House to Medicaid Estate Recovery

With planning, heirs may be able to keep the family home

How to Save Assets and Qualify for Medicaid

In Massachusetts, pooled trusts help

What Property Can I Keep When Applying for Medicaid?

California seniors, and those assisting them, need to plan ahead

Gifting and Transferring Assets to Qualify for Medicaid

What Florida seniors are allowed to do with their assets

Caring for an Elderly Parent in Their Home

You might be able to keep the family home and qualify for Medicaid

Abused and Forgotten: Elder Abuse in Minnesota

How to overcome the backlog and successfully seek justice

Avoiding Trouble at Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Entering a life care community requires some legal advice

Adjusting for Alzheimer's

Legal tips for moving forward after a diagnosis

Aging to Perfection

It pays to plan before something bad happens

Assistance with Assisted Living

What to ask when moving a parent into a home in New York

When Seniors Talk, Money Walks

How to protect yourself, or a loved one, from financial exploitation in Minnesota

How a Guardianship Works

How Ohio courts assign decision-making authorities when an elder can no longer tend to their needs

How to Fight the Rise of Elder Abuse in Colorado

Legal tips to combat exploitation

An Overview on Elder Law

A starting point for planning for the future

An Overview on Nursing Home Law

Understanding resident rights and signs of mistreatment

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