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Super Lawyers Estate Planning & Probate Articles

What Is a Trust?

A powerful legal document that helps you transfer assets as intended

What Is a Power of Attorney?

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

How to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets in an Estate Plan

What Hoosiers need to know about estate planning in Indiana

Writing Wills and Trusts in Ohio 101

Ohio attorney Susan E. Wheatley covers the basics you should get to sooner rather than later

What Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney Mean

What the Illinois estate planning laws say about advance directives

The Four Pillars of a Good Estate Plan in California

And why a will doesn’t necessarily help you avoid probate court

An Estate Plan Can Be a Wealth Preservation Plan in Kentucky

Legal strategies to save your estate, gift, income, and generation-skipping taxes

3 Essential Estate Planning Documents Everyone in Massachusetts Needs

Common mistakes people make with their estates and legal documents

What to Know About Special Needs and Disability Planning in Connecticut

The reasons why you should have a legal plan for long-term assistance

What to Know If You're Considering a Pet Trust in New York

Planning for the care of your pet when you're no longer able

How to Succeed at Succession

The importance of creating a plan to keep a business going for generations

When to Consider Living Will and Medical Directive in Nebraska

The circumstances in which these estate planning tools can help

Do You Need a Will if You Do Not Have Kids?

Without a will, your wealth might end up with those who don’t need it

Things to Know When Considering a Cabin Trust in Minnesota

When is a cabin trust a good idea, and when should you choose another route?

What are the Benefits of a Living Trust?

The situations in which Illinois estate planning attorneys would recommend it

The Levels of Eligibility for Ohio Veterans Benefits

The financial assistance vets and survivors can apply for

Am I Eligible for Veteran Benefits or Pension?

How veterans and survivors can apply through the VA

Common Reasons to Create a Trust in Maine

When a simple will simply won't cut it

Tips for Setting Up a Pet Trust in Arizona

The legal document allows you to care for your pet after you die

How to Begin an Estate Plan in New York

Your attorney will—comfortably—guide you through the process

If I Make a Will with an Online Template, Is it Legal?

What you need for a valid will in South Dakota

If You Don't Have a Will in New York

What happens if you die without an estate plan in place

How to Manage Your Digital Afterlife

Floridians can protect their online and cloud assets via estate planning

Is It Better to Have a Will or a Living Trust?

How to decide when a revocable living trust might be better for you

There’s a Way for a Will During COVID in Florida

Even in the midst of the pandemic, it’s not too late to do your estate planning

Should I Start or Update My Estate Plan During a Pandemic?

An emergency situation can serve as a catalyst, but don’t panic

Map Your Digital Assets Before It's Too Late

Leaving your loved ones online access best prepares them in the event of your death

How Much Money Do I Leave for a Special Needs Trust?

With public funding under pressure, your child may need trust funds more than you think

Who Should Be Your Special Needs Child's Trustee?

New York legal experts often recommend professionals over family members

What Are the Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust?

How and why to have an estate planning attorney set one up in Utah

What to Know About Estate Plans in California

Even with Alzheimer’s, you can still have the capacity to complete one

What Happens in the Louisiana Probate Process?

And should I avoid it, if possible?

Benefits for Elderly Veterans and How to Get Them

Navigating aid and attendance, medical, geriatrics, and long-term care in Texas

Estate Planning for Your Digital Presence

How and why New Yorkers should do it

Washington's Human Composting Law and How It Works

It’s the first of its kind, and will likely be regulated like cremation

How to Pass Off Passwords When You Pass On

Estate planning attorneys in California often include digital assets in documents

Does a Revocable Living Trust Protect Me From Creditors?

No, but it protects your kids and is a recommended way to pass down inheritance in Arizona

The Tax Benefits of Charitable Estate Planning

How to set up a charitable trust in Oregon

Death and Digital Assets

When our online footprints outlive us, estate planning gets complicated

Gun Trusts Allow You to Legally Pass Down Your Firearms

The mechanism protects you, your family and beneficiaries from breaking federal law

Conservatorships Aim to Protect California's Homeless and Addicts

A law change allows other options than involuntarily committing them

Can I Change the Executor to My Estate?

What to do in Ohio if you chose the wrong loved one

What Trust Should I Choose in Texas?

An overview of the types within which you might place your assets

What's the Difference Between a Trust and a Will?

And when should you choose a revocable trust?

Considerations With Physician-Aided Suicide in Montana

The difficulties and how to navigate them for patients as well as physicians

Won the Lottery? Call a Lawyer

What you should do if you’re one of the lucky few to win big

How to Set Up Your Will to Avoid Disputes

An estate plan can help to peacefully pass down your homestead to heirs

Who Pays the Debts of the Deceased?

Is a surviving spouse or relative legally responsible in Colorado?

Do I Owe Taxes on Inheritance?

Florida attorneys' tips on tax burdens after the death of a loved one

Minnesota Newlyweds: Beware!

Estate planning should be a part of your wedding plans

Creating a Family Trust or LLC in West Virginia

How to protect a family’s land interests and ensure they’re properly passed down

At What Age Should I Draw from Social Security?

It’s not an easy decision to make when planning retirement in Pennsylvania

If Your Will Doesn't Include Your Online Property

Then your heirs might be out of luck

DIY Estate Planning in Colorado

Making a solid plan is a gift to your heirs

Legal Resurrection If You're Declared Dead in Ohio

What do you do when a clerical error “kills” you?

Make Sure You Trust Your Attorney-in-Fact

Executing a Power of Attorney form is simple in Minnesota, so long as you trust that person

A Loved One Passed Away Without a Will. Now What?

The survivors are left with some difficult probate decisions

A Power of Attorney Primer

Who needs one, what needs to be in it, and what if I already have one in Georgia?

If Your Spouse or Parent Dies Without a Will

You may not inherit what you think is yours: Georgia’s intestate succession laws

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Contemporary families can have tricky planning issues

When, Why and How to Amend Your Estate Plan

Significant life events should trigger a review in New York

You Don't Need to Avoid Probate in Georgia

State laws make the process easier than you might think

Passing Off Your Passwords When You Pass On

Estate planning in the digital age

Estate Planning for Dementia

Note to self: Do it now, before it’s too late!

Half a Loaf: Better Than None Indeed

The Medicaid planning technique can allow for family gifts in New Jersey

How to Leave a Charitable Legacy

Charity options as you plan your estate in Florida

If You Haven't Written a Will, New York State Has

Where there's a will, there's a way

Planning for Long-Term Care in New Jersey

Things to consider include: Medicaid, LTC insurance and a trustworthy attorney

Avoiding Vacation Home Havoc

Tips for passing down the summer cottage or beach house in Massachusetts

Why You Should Establish a Health Care Proxy

Save time and money while preparing for the worst in Massachusetts

Why You Should Establish a Durable Power of Attorney

Save time and money while preparing for the worst in Massachusetts

College Plans That Save Headaches as Well as Money

These estate planning vehicles may help

Passing on the Minnesota Family Cabin

Vacation homes can sow generational harmony or havoc

The Advantages of a Special Needs Trust

SNTs and Pooled SNTs allow loved ones to gift money to those on government benefits

Making the Pieces Fit

Three attorneys’ tips for setting up an estate plan in New York City

An Overview on Estate Planning

How to resolve legal questions and provide for your loved ones in your absence

An Overview on Probate and Estate Administration Law

Distributing property with and without a will

An Overview on Trusts Law

Benefits and drawbacks when property is held for the benefit of another

An Overview on Wills Law

Understanding how this document controls your property after death

Crunching the Numbers of New York's Estate Tax Laws

Planning early can pay off in the end

Minnesota’s Trust Law Overhaul: What to Know

How the new law affects a key part of estate planning

Estate Planning in Oregon

Privacy, taxation and preparation considerations everyone should think about

Death and Taxes: Estate Planning Helps With Both

How New York attorneys assists with life's two certainties

With a Will Comes Peace of Mind

Washingtonians should really do it, estate planning attorneys say

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