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Super Lawyers Bad Faith Insurance Articles

How Do You Know If Your Insurer Acted in Bad Faith?

When you should sue your insurance company in Washington state

How You Prove Bad Faith in a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Legal tips for Californians seeking prompt investigation and payment

How Do I Know If My Insurance Underpaid Me?

How Texas defines bad faith insurance claims, and when to pursue one

Bad Faith Lawsuits When Health Insurance is Denied

Ohioans can appeal, and sue, their insurance when medical treatment is denied

How to Sue an Insurance Company for Denying Coverage

Legal tips for arguing insurance bad faith or breach of contract in Georgia

Can I Sue for Bad Faith or Breach of Contract?

What the law says for Maryland policyholders who feel wronged

Breach of Contract vs. Bad Faith: What is the Difference?

How these insurance coverage lawsuits differ in Pennsylvania

What If My Home Insurance Claim is Denied?

The steps to take when fighting back against insurers in Colorado

What is Bad Faith Insurance Law?

Evaluating whether or not you have a bad faith insurance case

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