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Super Lawyers Insurance Coverage Articles

Legal Tips for Michigan Commercial Liability Insurance

Should you contact an attorney for all professional liability insurance claims, or just denials?

How Can My Insurance Company Deny a Storm Damage Claim?

What Oklahoma insurers can allege, and how an attorney can help

Why Your Life Insurance May Have Been Denied in New York

Common reasons for nonpayment and avenues for recovery

The Deciding Factors for a Business Interruption Insurance Claim

How Maryland law sorts through contract and policy phrasings

Can You File an Insurance Claim for a Data Security Breach?

How to protect and defend your data in Oregon

What Do I Want Covered in an Environmental Insurance Policy?

What a Pennsylvania company should look for to protect itself

What is Long-Tail Liability?

Making sense of the confusion in New Jersey insurance law

Does My Life Insurance Policy Cover Suicide?

In Florida, accidental death and dismemberment policies are more likely to have exclusions

Why Do Life Insurance Policy Benefits Get Denied?

Material misrepresentation is often the culprit

6 Questions to Ask to Avoid Insurance Disputes

An insurance coverage attorney weighs in

Does Suicide Make a Life Insurance Policy Void?

It depends: An insurance coverage attorney breaks it down

What If I Disagree With the Insurance Adjuster?

Consider a public adjuster assessment and legal counsel

Why an Attorney Should File Your Insurance Claim

Legal help can get you further, faster, in Colorado

Is Your Product's Endorser in Trouble?

Disgrace coverage and other things to consider before a celebrity endorsement in California

Can Police Commandeer My Car to Help in a Chase?

What to do if the movie trope becomes your reality in California

Lava Disaster Claims and Homeowner?s Insurance in Hawaii

Don’t just melt if your claim is denied; a lawyer can help

3 Legal Issues Stemming from Postpartum Depression

Detentions, criminal acts and employment insurance in Illinois

Does Suicide Invalidate an Insurance Claim?

It all depends on the language in the policy

If a Tree Falls in Minnesota and No One is There

Insurance companies will make a sound, assuming it hit someone’s property

In the Eye of a Legal Storm

Minnesotans’ rights when they're in the eye of a legal storm

Why Some Insurance Doesn't Cover Washington's Crappy Weather

Be legally prepared in case a flood, wildfire, or earthquake hits home

Fighting a Claim Denial After an Earthquake, Landslide or Wildfire in California

What to do about insurance denial when your home is burning

What To Do With Your Insurance When Bad Weather Hits Texas

Filing an insurance lawsuit in the event of flooding, windstorms and wildfires in Texas

When Your Need Disaster Insurance in Florida

Being a savvy insurance consumer pays in the event of coastal storms and flooding

If a Worker is Injured on Your Property in Ohio

Independent contractor or household employee? It’s the million-dollar insurance question

Weathering the Legal Storm After a Hurricane

Before the hurricane hits, find out if your insurance policy will leave you under water

What is Insurance Law?

When and how claims can be filed and paid

Will Insurance Companies Pay My Claims?

How the homeowners insurance game is played in Michigan

Your Homeowner's Policy Doesn't Cover Everything

Breaking down the claim game from the attorneys who play it

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