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Massachusetts Super Lawyers Articles

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All Eyes On Her

Rosemary Scapicchio wins long-haul cases for Sean Ellis and others Featuring Rosemary Curran Scapicchio

Helping the Next Generation

Mahsa Khanbabai knows the challenges immigrants face — she’s faced them herself Featuring Mahsa Khanbabai

Super Friends

When one of Batman’s creators needed justice, Stacey Friends swooped in Featuring Stacey C. Friends

Catching Up With the Coluccis

Darin and Dino on brotherhood, making clients happy, and who Mom liked best Featuring Darin M. Colucci, ...

The Whole Picture

Tax lawyer Ameek Ponda combines the macro and the micro Featuring Ameek Ashok Ponda

Patent Portent

Giovanna Fessenden’s family history of inventing presaged her career in IP law Featuring Giovanna Fessenden

Science Fiction and Science Fact

Kirsten Mayer takes on junk science one wrongful conviction at a time Featuring Kirsten V. Mayer

Navigating Court Closures During the Pandemic

Massachusetts' Bar Association president shares advice and resources for attorneys Featuring John J. Morrissey

Steady Under Pressure

Russell Beck excels when business disputes come in “short, fast and hot” Featuring Russell Beck

Changing the Balance

How Mala Rafik tips the scales toward plaintiffs in employee benefits litigation

Featuring Mala M. Rafik

An Everyday Guy from Dorchester

Neil Sugarman looks back on more than 50 years in the law

Featuring Neil Sugarman

Keep Calm and Litigate On

Lisa Arrowood wins cases with tranquil intensit

Featuring Lisa G. Arrowood

J.D., JD

James “J.D.” Smeallie of Holland & Knight in Boston speaks out on athletic conference realignment litigation, leading the Boston Bar and being quoted in Sports Illustrated Featuring James D. (J.D.) Smeallie

An Interview with Lani Guinier

The Harvard law professor and civil rights activist talks about road-tripping with Clarence Thomas, the next generation of lawyers, and what still divides our country

The Details and the Big Picture

White-collar defender Karen F. Green has the rare ability to see both Featuring

Jason Allen Rosenberg’s Sense of Community

The real estate lawyer builds bridges with legal work and disability advocacy Featuring Jason Allen Rosenberg

The Code of Law

Former computer programmer Michael A. Albert of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks has developed one of Massachusetts' most significant IP litigation practices Featuring Michael A. Albert

The Man Behind the Largest Pro Bono Effort in History

Leo Boyle knew everything would change after 9/11. He vowed to make some of that change positive Featuring Leo V. Boyle

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