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Local Counsel with Diana M. Ducharme

Diana Ducharme tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Discovery with Deborah S. Gonzalez

Debbie Gonzalez on the joys of immigration law and the necessity of time travel

Local Counsel with Hamza Chaudary

Providence-based attorney Hamza Chaudary gives us the scoop on what Travel + Leisure once called “America’s Favorite City.

The Courtroom as Classroom

From tobacco to 9/11 to class actions, trial lawyer Donald Migliori creates change by ‘challenging truth’

Using All 24

Perpetually busy Providence-based litigator Mark B. Morse never met a practice area he didn’t like

Looking Beyond Aqualung

Providence-based family law attorney Tim Conlon on computer crime in the ’80s, suing the Roman Catholic Church as a Catholic, and how society can help prevent institutional child abuse

The Intercessor

Bud DeLuca on psychology, storytelling and helping clients be proactive

Gail McCann Brings People Together

The real estate attorney at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge in Providence facilitates collaboration in her law practice and in her alumni activities at Brown University

The Advocate

Lynette Labinger has made a career out of fighting for social change

Batting Cleanup

When defendants need a grand slam, they bring in John Tarantino

Check, Please

Hockey Hall-of-Famer Joe Cavanagh goes to the boards for his clients        

The Receiver

Got a credit union crisis? Call Allan Shine