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‘It Matters to Me What Happens to Them’

Michael Yonke makes his mark in both civil and criminal court

Michael Yonke doesn’t list criminal defense as a practice area on his website. He’s a civil litigator by trade. But if a significant federal criminal defense case comes to his door, sometimes he just can’t say no. “I just really enjoy federal criminal cases,” Yonke says. “I know people in criminal think I’m crazy for saying that.” Few attorneys who take on both criminal and civil work reach his level of success. He once won a criminal acquittal and a $1.4 million judgment in a …

The Cases That Matter

Henry J. Price talks about his highest-profile case—and the one that changed his career forever

Last year, Henry J. Price celebrated 50 years practicing the law that he loves. His is the definition of a well-balanced career. The first half was spent counseling the defense as a lawyer for Indianapolis firm Barnes & Thornburg; the second half has been devoted to arguing for the plaintiff as a principal member of Price Waicukauski & Riley. Nearly 900 miles away, another milestone happened in 2013 in Springfield, Mass.: former hoops star Roger Brown, forgotten by all but the most …

Up to Chapter 19

Corporate litigator Charley German specializes in high-stakes storytelling

When Hallmark Cards Inc. won a long-standing dispute over stolen trade secrets in November 2012, its co-lead attorney, Charley German of Rouse Hendricks German May in Kansas City, Mo., wasn’t terribly surprised. “I thought we were going to win a verdict from the first day of the trial,” German says. “I liked the jury and I thought our stories were compelling.” What did turn his head, however, was the amount of punitive damages—$10 million of an overall $31.3 million award. …


That would be Mississippi consumer law attorney Christopher Kittell

Christopher Kittell has been battling identity theft since he was 17 years old. On his first day as a runner at Lewis & Lewis Attorneys in Clarksdale, Miss., he was asked to help with a big case involving the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). His initial task: make copies of credit reports. “I didn’t even know what those were,” he says. After all, he was too young to have a credit card. But he learned fast and found the case fascinating. So much so that FCRA cases are a major part of …


Little Rock bond attorney M. Jane Dickey prefers negotiating to arguing

M. Jane Dickey says she was never much of a math teacher. Fresh from getting an undergraduate math-education degree in 1971, Dickey found herself teaching “unprepared and uninterested” students at a troubled high school where police were stationed to quell occasional violence. “I took the LSAT out of desperation,” she says. Forty years later, Dickey considers herself one of the luckiest people around. “I don’t mean to discount things like good health and a loving relationship,” …

Steady at the Wheel

Appellate lawyer Arend Abel loves guiding people through the labyrinth of the law

Ask Arend Abel about his favorite hobby—gardening—and he doesn’t rhapsodize about prize-winning produce or take you on a tour of his landscape. He just gives you the story straight: “I grow tomatoes, green beans, onions and garlic,” he says. “I grow lettuce, although I’m not a big fan, and I’ve tried corn but it never works out.” That’s Abel in a nutshell—fair, modest and matter-of-fact. It’s a personality that suits his field, appellate law, which asks him to suit up …

It’s Good to be King

Full-time med mal defense attorney and part-time royalty, Marc Judice represents doctors with pride

When the city of Lafayette named its 70th King Gabriel to preside over Mardi Gras, the identity of his majesty wasn’t much of a shock. Although the ballot had been cast secretly a year in advance and only the winner was informed of the result—to be kept hidden “on pain of death”—shrewd observers noticed that the king-to-be had been growing in his royal beard for months.  “Otherwise they put one on you with glue,” says the usually clean-shaven medical malpractice attorney Marc W. …

View From the Top

Bruce Kehoe has a 30,000-foot perspective on his career

Indianapolis personal injury attorney Bruce Kehoe of Wilson, Kehoe & Winingham wears many hats—he’s a physical therapist who became a lawyer who became a pilot. And he keeps them all within reach in his work; he represents the victims of aviation accidents, medical malpractice, birth traumas and other disasters. Take, for instance, a recent case he settled against the Federal Aviation Administration on behalf of three sibling survivors of a plane crash that killed their parents. Two of …

Kickstart My Charitable Heart

Rodney Taylor puts his two-wheeled passion to good use

Rodney Taylor can trace his love of motorcycles back 40 years. Long before he became a successful personal injury attorney with Christopher & Taylor in Indianapolis, or a husband and father of four, he was a boy in Wayne County of Southern Illinois, where roads stretched out straight as far as the eye could see and teenage entertainment options were limited. Motorcycles were a natural fascination. "Most of the city kids were running around on new Hondas, and the rest of us were relegated to …

Tongue of Fire

Johnny deGravelles on PI law, rock ‘n' roll and who gets to be Shadrach

Johnny deGravelles of deGravelles, Palmintier, Holthaus & Frugé in Baton Rouge swears he didn't pick his law partners based on how tough it is to pronounce their last names. But he does find it amusing. "You start with a Frenchman, then you go to an Italian, then to a German and then a Cajun—we cover an international waterfront," he says with a laugh. "Actually, it's to confound our receptionist. You have to pay a little extra for that—we make her say all four names." DeGravelles and …

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