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The Crooked Path

Any journey contains sudden shifts, Brionna Denby knows Featuring

Puppet Master

Adam Hiller learned the art of performance at Six Flags Featuring Adam Hiller

Delaware's Got Talent

Lawyer and Profundo Bono ensemble player Kiadii Harmon counts Moby Dick as a theater credit, and Judge Robert B. Young as a friend Featuring Kiadii Harmon

A Few Rounds with Yvonne Saville

The ADR attorney talks craft cocktails Featuring Yvonne Takvorian Saville

Advising Health Care Providers in the Wake of COVID-19

Health care attorney Adam Balick weighs in on how COVID-19 is impacting his clients and practice Featuring Adam Balick

Larry Spiller Kimmel's Second Chance

After Wilmington attorney Paul Spiller, his wife and two of his three children were killed in a plane crash, Spiller’s law partner (and brother-in-law) Mort Kimmel adopted the only survivor, Larry Spiller Kimmel, who has been paying it forward since. 

Featuring Lawrance Spiller Kimmel

Not Just for Delaware Anymore

Pauline Morgan manages the complex traffic of Chapter 11 bankruptcy and corporate restructuring Featuring Pauline K. Morgan

And The Winner Is ...

Move over, Meryl—Doneene Keemer Damon’s awards case is looking pretty good

Featuring Doneene K. Damon

Five Minutes

Sometimes that’s all the time Kara Swasey has to build trust with victims of domestic violence

Featuring Kara M. Swasey

Discovery with Samuel L. Closic

Catching up with Samuel C-L-O-S-I-C Closic! Featuring Samuel L. Closic

Local Counsel with Mary I. Akhimien

The Wilmington attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood


Discovery with Tom Driscoll III

Tom Driscoll III on hoops, unexpected judicial naps, and the food truck of his dreams


Stuart M. Grant’s Double Secret Probation

Inside the record-setting corporate litigation practice of Delaware’s most well-rounded man Featuring

The Gold Standard Playbook

DuPont’s recently retired Tom Sager has a pretty simple M.O.—“Do better”

Talking It Out

What’s the secret to mediator Yvonne Takvorian Saville’s success? Letting everyone have their say

Featuring Yvonne Takvorian Saville

The Brand Name

Health care attorney Adam Balick continues his family’s legal tradition

Featuring Adam Balick

T. Boone Pickens, Mickey Mouse and More

Delaware corporate litigator Greg Williams represents business titans

Featuring Gregory P. Williams

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