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Shannon Smith's Calling

She represents clients accused of some of Michigan’s worst crimes

The Low-Key Litigator

Keefe Brooks stays calm in the courtroom

Love of the Deal

Aleksandra “Aleks” Miziolek, the director of Dykema’s automotive industry group, follows the golden rule of transactional law: get the deal done

The Spartan Way

Michigan State’s many legal clinics assist residents all over the state

David Kotzian Shoots From the Hip

The employment law attorney prides himself on being straightforward with clients and colleagues

From the Fields to the Courtroom

Former migrant worker Cirilo Martinez is determined to help immigrants

Scientific inquiry

Sharon M. Woods, of Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker, applies scientific thinking to her business litigation practice

The Star-Studded Career of R. Terrance Rader

Meet the attorney who trademarked the KISS faces and patented Neil Young’s model-train control—and hadn’t even planned to go into law

Sue Ellen Eisenberg: Writing History

She helped level the playing field for women and minorities

Whistler’s Lawyer

Qui tam lawyer David Haron helps clients come forward

The Ride of a Lifetime

Through nearly four decades of litigation, Jon Muth says it’s the people along the way who count

Full Speed Ahead

David Leitch led Ford’s legal team through the auto crisis, preserving an iconic American brand

Rx for Hospitals: Q&A with Robert P. Roth

Robert P. Roth practices medical malpractice defense at Portnoy & Roth in Bloomfield Hills. He recently became a troubleshooter for Hospital Corporation of America, the nation’s largest hospital chain

The Networker

Raj A. Malviya believes in people power

The Spirits Move Her

But life hasn’t always been smooth pouring for liquor-law expert Kelly Allen

The Slam-Dunker

Cary McGehee plays above the rim

Talking the Walk

Henry S. Gornbein takes law to the airwaves

Tell Aviv

To Joseph Aviv, positive word-of-mouth speaks louder than academic accolades