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Michael Y. Park is a freelance journalist whose work has been published in New York, The New York Times, People and LIFE. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University.

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What's Being Done About Securities Fraud in NYC?

Are businesses selling us short?

When corporate ethics have a run-in with the law, such as in securities fraud, the damage isn’t restricted to the boardroom. Just the hint of an SEC investigation or civil lawsuit can send stocks into freefall. Some cases mean a death sentence for a corporation (see: Enron), and even low-level employees can face prison time. “Greed is a growth industry, and always has been,” says Max W. Berger of Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossman. “For all the honest financial people in the …

Man of Reason, Man of Faith

The two halves of trial lawyer/minister Daryl Winston

Daryl Winston is a veteran of the courts in everything from commercial litigation to catastrophic injury. He’s handled multimillion-dollar cases. He’s never been defeated in the U.S. courts for the Middle and Eastern districts of Pennsylvania. But if called, he could give it all up. “If the Lord says, ‘I want you to make a choice to stop practicing law,’ I believe my faith is such that I would do that,” Winston says. This is no small sacrifice, either. “I wanted to be a lawyer …

Nerves of Steel

A look at the not-so-secret identity of Napoli Bern

In their nearly adjacent offices on the 74th floor of the Empire State Building, Paul J. Napoli and Marc Jay Bern share a feature that’s impossible to miss: nearly identical paintings of Superman. In each, the Man of Steel is smiling confidently in front of a Manhattan skyline that is noticeably devoid of the buildings that made Napoli and Bern household names in the city—the Twin Towers. The two men bought the paintings on impulse while strolling together through town in the Hamptons, …


Indefatigable trial lawyer Abbe Fletman has worked on Title IX matters, voting rights cases and everything in between

When coach Jennifer Ridgely started her job at Delaware State University eight years ago, the task ahead of her was daunting. Not only was she essentially starting a women’s equestrian team from scratch, she was trying to grow the historically white sport at an historic black college whose athletics department was overwhelmingly tilted toward the school’s mostly struggling men’s teams. Yet a few years later, Delaware State’s equestrians had earned a top-rate reputation, qualifying for …

Jason Allen Rosenberg’s Sense of Community

The real estate lawyer builds bridges with legal work and disability advocacy

When he was 10, Jason Allen Rosenberg went to camp for the first time. He learned to fish, played baseball, took boxing lessons and made campfires. The morning after he passed his swimming test, he woke up with a fever and aches all over his body. The camp counselors came in and told him he had to stay in bed and away from the other campers. They needn’t have bothered. “My legs did not do what I told them to,” Rosenberg, now 68, says. Rosenberg had polio. He would never walk again without …

Environmental Energy

Susan Millington Campbell and the dirt aspect of environmental law

Susan Millington Campbell’s smile never wavers. Her outfit is crisply ironed, her nails perfectly manicured; and when asked a question, she takes a moment to digest it, then responds in a soft voice with that unwavering smile. If not for the collection of legal awards and law-related plaques lining the walls of her office, you might think you were sitting down to tea with your favorite aunt rather than one of the most respected litigators in the Northeast. “I’d probably guess she’s an …


Criminal defender NiaLena Caravasos goes the extra mile for her clients

When colleagues, friends and admirers of NiaLena Caravasos talk about her, there’s one story that keeps coming up. Only a couple of years into her legal career, Caravasos, a spunky outsider, was arrayed against a coterie of high-powered attorneys drawn from the old-boy network of lawyers tapped into service by Mafia dons. The twist? They were supposed to be her allies. United States v. Joseph Merlino, tried in 2001, was the biggest mob case to hit Pennsylvania in decades, the culmination of a …

Challenging the System

Kathryn Emmett looks out for the underdog

Kim Hunter was one of the most acclaimed actresses in America, but she couldn’t get a job. She had won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for 1951’s A Streetcar Named Desire, playing Stella, whose name Marlon Brando famously calls out. Film offers should have been flooding in. But only a year after the Academy Awards presentation, she found herself persona non grata. “My mother was not a very political person, not at all,” says Connecticut-based attorney Kathryn Emmett, the late …


Mary Kay Vyskocil reps insurance companies in cases ranging from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to the collapse of the World Trade Center

The fires were still burning under the rubble of the World Trade Center when the executives of Swiss Reinsurance Co. realized they had a multibillion-dollar problem. Larry Silverstein, the New York City developer who had just finalized the lease for the massive Lower Manhattan office complex in July 2001, had insured the property for $3.54 billion. Swiss Reinsurance, or Swiss Re, was the insurer for the largest share of the claims: a whopping $877.5 million. Then double that. Silverstein argued …


Criminal defense lawyer Anna Durbin takes the cases no one else will

In 2004, Kimberly Yates, while serving an 84-month sentence from a drug conviction, was temporarily housed in the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center. She was working in the commissary when a male prison guard ordered her into the basement to attend to a chore. There was no chore. When she got down to the basement, the guard raped her. Afterward, despite the guard’s threats to her and her family, Yates sought justice. But she faced a seemingly insurmountable wall of Byzantine federal …

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