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Super Lawyers Employment & Labor Articles

How to Avoid Equal Pay Act and FLSA Violations in West Virginia

Determining exempt versus non-exempt status is key for employers

How Do I Craft Policies for Recruitment, Promotion and Discipline?

Tips for Maryland employers to avoid discrimination

When to Update Employee Handbooks and HR Policies in Iowa

And why to consider an employment attorney when doing so

Recording Conversations at Work is Illegal in Chicago

Breaking down the Illinois eavesdropping statute and two-party consent rule

When Should I Hire an Internal Investigator?

Tips for Massachusetts businesses when an employment law conflict arises

Connecticut Employee Rights in the COVID Era

What does a return to the office look like?

How to Form a Union

A Minnesota labor and employment lawyer lays out the five steps

What is Employment Law?

What employees and employers need to know about the federal guidelines

What is Labor Law?

Employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities at work

The Legal Difference Between Libel and Slander

How laws define them, and when you might want to sue

When is a Contractor a Full-Time Employee?

How to classify workers in New York

Too Disclosed for Comfort

Legal tips to writing nondisclosure agreements that work

California is Employee-Friendly Regarding NDAs

Three things have to occur before a non-disclosure agreement is enforceable

Do I Have to Be Paid for Breaks?

Meal and rest time requirements for Alabama employers

Your Benefits Package May Be Out of Date

Changes in employment benefits law that Illinois business owners need to know

Why More Companies Are Offering Transgender Benefits

It’s not required by law, but forward-thinking businesses are doing it anyway

When Are Bonuses Not Discretionary?

What to do if you’ve got unpaid, earned bonuses in Minnesota

Gig Workers in Illinois are Not Always Contractors

State and federal law can bite employers who misclassify their employees

Social Media at Work: All Kinds of Ways to Get in Trouble

From slacking to cyberbullying in Arizona

Hey Barter Barter: The Law Swings for Contractors

Employee vs. Contractor is a critical classification in California barter arrangements

Can You Give a Bad Job Reference?

The legality of saying something negative about an employee in Pennsylvania

Can My Boss Make Me Wear That?

The laws for dress and grooming policies in California

Pay Secrecy Policies: That’s a No-No!

Federal and New Jersey laws protect your right to compare paychecks

Am I an Independent Contractor or Employee?

This classification is Uber-important for many reasons in Florida

Five Employment Law Facts You Might Not Know

The state and federal laws that come into play if you work in New Jersey

An Overview on Employment Law

What employees should expect of their employers

An Overview on Labor Law

A look at unions and collective bargaining

An Overview on Wage and Hour Law

Understanding the federal laws that deal with how employees are compensated

Workplace Privacy in the Facebook Age

What employees can expect from employers in New York

Workplace Privacy in Oregon

There’s just one place where you’re safe from monitoring

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