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Can My Employer Say Bad Things About Me?

Job references and the law in Pennsylvania

Signed, Sealed, Disputed: Noncompetes

How to resolve your noncompete agreement disputes in Massachusetts

Leave, Lose, and Law

Your rights when you quit or are fired from work in Ohio

Taking a Knee on the Job

Can your boss limit what you say while on the clock?

Full Disclosure on NDAs

Three New York employment lawyers walk you through the basics

Protecting Yourself Against Corporate Espionage

It may sound like James Bond, but really, it’s just stealing

Does This Job Make Me Look Old?

How to prove an age discrimination lawsuit in Florida

What Is Considered Reasonable Accommodation in Massachusetts?

Federal and state employment rights for individuals with disabilities

Can My Boss Make Me Wear That?

The laws for dress and grooming policies in California

Pay Secrecy Policies: That’s a No-No!

Federal and New Jersey laws protect your right to compare paychecks

Am I an Independent Contractor or Employee?

This classification is Uber-important for many reasons in Florida

I Was Discriminated Against. How Do I Prove It?

Your options in a Michigan workplace discrimination lawsuit

Five Employment Law Facts You Might Not Know

The state and federal laws that come into play if you work in New Jersey

The Risks of Being a Rideshare Driver in NYC

It's uber-complicated, so be sure you're informed

Suing for Retaliation, If You Whistleblow While You Work

The process of a workplace retaliation lawsuit in Louisiana

Connecticut’s Right to Paid Sick Leave

State laws also dictate the right to unpaid leave

Overtime Rules in Washington State

Can an employer mandate overtime hours?

Too Sick to Work?

Understanding the new Earned Sick Time Law in Massachusetts

Workplace Privacy in the Facebook Age

What employees can expect from employers in New York

Workplace Privacy in Oregon

There’s just one place where you’re safe from monitoring

Your Rights Under the California Fair Pay Act

What the law means for employees and employers

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