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Super Lawyers General Litigation Articles

What Does a General Litigator Do?

These versatile legal professionals are highly skilled in civil procedure

How To Find a General Civil Litigation Attorney

Finding competent advocacy is daunting but necessary

What Is General Litigation?

Attorneys working in general litigation can help in resolving a variety of legal disputes

No Business Like Pro Bono Business

How to find an attorneys who represent businesses at a discount

Finding a Pro Bono Lawyer

Why attorneys do it, and how you can locate them

When and Why Attorneys Take Cases Pro Bono in Georgia

And other frequently asked questions about discount legal representation

Will a New York Lawyer Take My Case for Free?

Frequently asked questions about pro bono legal assistance in NYC

Can You Record Someone Without Permission in Texas?

Dissecting the state’s one-party consent rule as it relates to privacy

Navigating the Legal System When You're Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Guidance for Minnesotans seeking to overcome barriers to legal access

Legal Representation’s Red Flags

Warning signs your lawyer may not be the right fit

How Do I Pick the Right Lawyer?

Where to start when you need legal help

What Happens When Your Business Needs a Lawyer?

How to prepare for your initial legal interview

The Costs and Fees Associated with Hiring an Attorney

How much, and what does that mean?

How Do I Find a Lawyer, And How Much Will it Cost?

Resources to help you search and factors to consider

What is a Lawyer, Anyway?

Understanding legal lingo

What is Mediation?

A potentially cheaper, quicker alternative to trial

Does Your Case Belong in Civil or Criminal Court?

Sometimes it's both. Here's a helpful guide to know for sure

5 Must-Have Legal Documents in Michigan

Advice on the family law and estate planning fronts

Choosing the Right Size Law Firm

Does size matter? Michigan attorneys weigh in

Does Law Firm Size Matter?

New York attorneys offer tips on choosing the right one for you

What Size Law Firm Should I Choose?

Should you go with a one-man band or a 200-lawyer orchestra?

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