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Doreen Hartwell has a penchant for pro bono

'Once You Get Hit, All the Nervousness is Gone'

Bullfighting taught Karl Rutledge the art of quick decision-making

'Knowledge Is Power'

Siria Gutiérrez’s volunteer work is all about helping others succeed through education

Gaming Changers

Three Vegas attorneys on bringing women into gaming law

Where You'll Find Vegas' Danielle Tarmu After the Pandemic

Her favorite places to see and be seen

Shedding Light

The cases that stick with Patricia Lee tend to start in a dark place


IP specialist Jennifer Ko Craft thinks way outside the box—or any other many-sided shape you throw her way

The Next Evolution in Gaming Law

Dan Reaser’s legislation ushers in the era of skill-based gaming

The Gospel According to Jay

If you ask attorney Jay Young, the worlds of gospel and the law are in perfect harmony

Polsenberg’s Charge

Appellate lawyer Dan Polsenberg gets 15 minutes of fame—250 times and counting


Steve Morris is rooted in Las Vegas, and he knows the business infrastructure. He also knows what it’s like to play trumpet until four in the morning

Getting Old, Getting Fleeced

Kim Boyer Is ON THE CASE

The Shoe Fits

Millie Chou keeps Zappos working hard and playing hard

The 26-State Health Care Challenge

Mark Hutchison’s fascination with the Constitution led him to the law—and his biggest case yet

Living by Her Wits

Carol Davis Zucker, partner at Las Vegas’ Kamer Zucker Abbott, on the intellectual challenge of employment law, the personal challenge of work-life balance, and why she always stops at the U.S. Supreme Court gift shop

Spoiling for a Good Fight

Dennis Kennedy doesn’t back down from a challenge, whether defending Big Tobacco or taking on Toyota