7 Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced attorney can make all the difference

By Tim Kelly, J.D. | Reviewed by Canaan Suitt, J.D. | Last updated on April 6, 2023

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If you’ve suffered serious injuries and need legal advice, you should seek the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Accident lawyers can help their clients in many ways, including filing their personal injury claims, fielding fair settlement offers, and dealing with the ins and outs of the trial process.

But that’s merely scratching the surface. Personal injury attorneys often provide free consultations where both you and your potential attorney can discuss your accident case and get to know one another.

Before attending your first free initial consultation, consider the following reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney:

1. They Are Educated in Personal Injury Law

The legal field has a variety of practice areas. Experienced attorneys will have dedicated their careers to a specific practice area, such as personal injury law.

An attorney from a trusted personal injury law firm can help level the playing field, guiding you through the legal process and its many overwhelming facets.

2. They Know the System and the People Working Inside It

Personal injury attorneys who have been on the job a while will have experience in the local civil court system and with the people working in and around it. This includes judges, filing clerks, bailiffs, and civil defense litigation attorneys.

Having an experienced personal injury attorney that is respected and has a rapport with their peers can make for an easier path to settlement in your accident case.

3. They Can Negotiate a Better Settlement

Why negotiate on your own when you can rely on the tactics and skills of a professional attorney? An accident attorney can make demands on your behalf and field settlement offers.

Your trusted legal representation will work diligently to ensure that you receive a just and fair settlement that compensates you for your injuries.

4. They Have Experience With Insurance Companies

Personal injury lawyers and their law firms often have to work with insurance adjusters to obtain the best possible payout for their clients. Dealing with insurances companies can be a stressful, disorienting experience for novices.

Attorneys, on the other hand, are familiar with filing insurance claims and all the ways in which insurance companies try to reduce payouts.  

5. Their Trial Experience Can Prove Crucial

Most personal injury cases are settled before ever reaching a trial. Still, if your case reaches the trial stage, you will need an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side.

Skillful accident attorneys know which legal strategies can secure a decision in your favor and will work diligently throughout the legal process on your behalf.

6. They Provide Peace of Mind While You Recover

Suppose you were in a car accident and suffered serious injuries. Medical bills and expenses can pile up quickly, especially if you’re unable to work due to pain and suffering.

Personal injury attorneys provide the necessary peace of mind to accident victims while they recover, negotiating with the insurance company and negligent party, as well as preparing for trial.

A strong attorney-client relationship can take much of the worry away as you focus on getting better and spending time with your loved ones.

7. They Don’t Get Paid Unless You Get Paid

Any personal injury lawyer who secures a client’s judgment deserves fair compensation. Many personal injury lawyers work on a “contingency fee basis.”

This contingency fee agreement essentially means that the accident lawyer’s payment is contingent on whether they can recover financial compensation from the negligent party in court.

This builds trust in the attorney-client relationship and ensures that the personal injury lawyer will seek the best possible outcome for their client. Still, it is best to discuss attorney fees right away at your free initial consultation.

Personal injury attorneys often provide free consultations where both you and your potential attorney can discuss your accident case and get to know one another. Find a highly skilled personal injury lawyer in your area.

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