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Will SCOTUS Overturn Obergefell?

We asked three attorneys with LGBTQ case experience what they think

Back to the Center

Hannibal Heredia is the family law attorney who’s meticulous, well-prepared, and ready to rock

Going 20 For 20

Seven perennial Super Lawyers listees on the last two decades of life and law

Reputation Restoration

Mickey Williams went from Army Ranger to repping vets

Her Brand Is Crisis

Amna Shirazi helps victims of abuse seek refuge while promoting democracy abroad

Super Fascinating Lawyers

Our profiler in residence on the people he’s met

‘What It Means to Be a Lawyer in the 21st Century’

Four 20-something attorneys on the challenges and the future of law

On the Road

Why travel makes Alfred Chang a better lawyer

Not Turning a Blind Eye

Danya Shakfeh helps elevate the spiritual abuse conversation with In Shaykh’s Clothing

‘This Is a Calling’

The many organizations where Annemarie Kill has volunteered

From the Barn to the Bar

Mitch Gilfillan went from playing Division I basketball to repping coaches and ADs

‘The Best of Both Worlds’

Esther Joy Schwartz brought her passion for music to the stage

Protecting the Unprotected

Joe Monahan’s ongoing campaign for mental health and people with disabilities

Courtroom Drama

Richard Hanus’ deportation case went from the courtroom to the stage to the screen

In Their Corner

With an expanding civil rights case load, Alex Heroy embraces litigation as a change agent

Seeing it Through

Adam Doerr led the charge to get COVID relief to overlooked families in need

Solo Success

Six attorneys share the ups and downs of building their own practice

Good Behavior

Beth Hutchens’ behavioral therapy background brings depth to her immigration practice