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Super Lawyers Criminal Defense Articles

What Is The Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law?

Some key distinctions to build your knowledge

How To Pay For a Criminal Defense Attorney

Navigating the costs of an experienced attorney

Private Gun Sales: Are They Legal?

Going through the proper channels

Driving Barefoot: Is It Legal?

"Will this get me in trouble?"

Lying About Your Age Online and on Social Media: Is It Legal?

Stay safe and on the right side of the law online

When Must You Talk to Police and When Should They Have a Warrant?

We ask an Idaho criminal defense attorney for advice

When Should You Plead the Fifth in Kansas?

And when to ask a criminal defense lawyer for advice

If There Wasn't Probable Cause or a Warrant, Will I Go Free?

What Kansas law says about evidentiary searches in a criminal case

A Look at Criminal Record Expungement in Indiana

And reasons why to consider erasing criminal history

Exploring Criminal Record Expungement

How and why an Illinois resident can get their criminal charges expunged or sealed

What Are Syndrome and Mental Defect Defenses in Criminal Cases?

How they have been argued and applied in federal and California courts

Understanding Oregon's Measure 110

Violations still carry penalties

Philadelphia Votes Yes To Police Reform

How do the two new measures impact residents?

The Types of Bail in Oklahoma and How to Post It

What will it cost, and how long might you stay in jail?

What to Do If You Face Charges of Rioting in DC

Legal advice for charges related to protesting in Washington, D.C.

Is My Assault a Misdemeanor or Felony in Alaska?

How state laws define it, and how an attorney may be able to help

How to Get a Record Expunged in Indiana

How the Indiana Second Chance Law works for criminal matters

What 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Mean in Missouri

How Senate Bill 656 affects gun owners’ carrying, usage and defending of themselves

How You Can (and Can't) Get Out of a Subpoena

Colorado courts can force you to testify

What to Do When You’re Arrested for a Crime You Didn’t Commit

The steps to take and places to turn when you’re innocent in Oregon

Penalties for Probation Violation in Tennessee

And what can you argue in your defense if you violate parole?

How Do Mistrials Work?

In Florida, throwing out a case can happen in one motion

Can I Perform a Citizen’s Arrest in Ohio?

There can be many risks and drawbacks involved

What to Do If Your Child is Arrested or Charged in Illinois

Diversionary options to protect a juvenile’s criminal record

Police Can Search Your Phone in Minnesota

What the law says in regard to cellphones and your privacy rights

In Minnesota Is Graffiti Art or Illegal?

Minnesotans should think twice before that inspiration gets out of hand

The Ins and Outs of Disturbing the Peace in Minnesota

How to seek penalties against a neighbor or defend your rights at home

What is Required of Probation in Massachusetts?

Breaking down the laws, statutes, and ramifications

The Heavy Legal Regulations of University Secret Societies

In North Carolina, skull and bones groups are more regulated than you may think

What Do I Do If I'm Being Cyberstalked in Florida?

Attorneys' advice on putting a stop to online bullies

The Defenses for Prostitution and Solicitation in Nevada

Don’t get caught with your pants down, legally speaking

When Can You Save a Pet Locked in a Car?

And what are the consequences of doing so Oregon?

Your DNA Goes Where You Don't

DNA transfer can erroneously link suspects to crimes

Can Your DNA Link You to Crimes You Didn’t Commit?

DNA transfer happens even when we don't touch it, California defense attorney says

Sentencing Hearing Primer in Minnesota

What a defendant needs to know for the conclusion of court proceedings

Yes, Texas Police Can Take Your Possessions

How civil asset forfeiture works

Your Attorney Must Keep Your Secrets … To a Point

What attorney-client privilege means, and the exceptions to it in New Jersey

What's a Subpoena, and Why Have I Been Served?

What to know and do if you’re given a subpoena in Georgia

How to Lose Your Gun Rights in Maryland

Maryland’s laws are among the strictest for gun owners in the nation

Why Did I Get an Arrest Warrant Notice in the Mail?

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup: What it is, why it exists and what you can do

What Attorney-Client Privilege Means in Kentucky

The attorney-client relationship consists of confidential communications

Five Ways to Reduce Jail Time in Michigan

Ways to lessen the burden of a criminal offense and sweeten a plea deal

Criminal Risk Assessments in Colorado

Judicial use of algorithms in sentencing and bail-setting has some downsides

The Algorithm That Decides Your Fate in the Criminal Justice System

Florida, and other states, use computerized formulas for bail, sentencing and parole

What You Need to Expunge Your Criminal Record in Minnesota

How to erase a criminal history and improve background checks

Successfully Navigating Probation in Michigan

What happens if I violate the terms of probation?

How Precise is DNA Evidence in a Criminal Case?

A Maryland criminal defense attorney says it’s not as open-and-shut as you might think

How Bail Bonds Work in Maryland

Explaining the lender systems for posting bail and getting out of jail

How Arraignments and Bond Hearings Work in Michigan

The first steps in the criminal justice system in Michigan

Stop and Frisk in Texas: Is It Legal?

What are my constitutional rights if I’m stopped and questioned?

What If I’m Not Read My Miranda Rights in Florida?

When the Miranda warning is and isn't applicable in Florida

Can I Get My Record Expunged in Massachusetts?

The process to request erasing your criminal past

The Do's and Don'ts After Being Accused of a Crime

Three New York defense lawyers weigh in

What is a Romeo and Juliet Law?

This and other sexual consent rules in New Jersey

Revenge Porn and Illinois Law

The state has made it a Class 4 felony

Sexting Can Land You in Jail

Child pornography and age of consent laws in Washington

Asking Questions About Standing Your Ground in New York

A New York City primer on Duty to Retreat vs. Stand Your Ground

Breaking Down New York's GPS Stalking Law

New York attorneys say the state law is not a significant advancement for victims

Self-Defense and Deadly Force in Oregon

Be prepared to prove you feared for your life

How Civil Asset Forfeiture Works in Illinois

How you can lose your private property even without a conviction

An Overview on Criminal Law

How a criminal charge makes its way through the courts

An Overview on Assault & Battery Law

The basics of assault and battery in criminal cases and civil cases

What to Know About California's Warrant Requirements for Electronic Communications

California’s new law increases privacy protections for individuals

Florida’s New GPS Tracking Law and Where It Applies

Private citizens who use GPS devices against others now face criminal prosecution and penalties

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