Super Lawyers criminal-defense Articles

Consent is Complicated

The legal standards to determine sexual consent in Minnesota

Asking Questions About Shooting First

A New York City primer on Duty to Retreat vs. Stand Your Ground

Will I Go to Jail for a Drug Possession Charge?

The state and federal penalties you could face in West Virginia

Look Out Georgia Left-Lane Drivers!

Driving the speed limit could get you a ticket

Breaking Down the GPS Stalking Law

New York attorneys say it's not a significant advancement for victims

What You Can and Can't Do with Marijuana in Oregon

It's legal, but there are some limitations

Self-Defense and Deadly Force in Oregon

Be prepared to prove you feared for your life

How Civil Asset Forfeiture Works in Illinois

How you can lose your property even without a conviction

Florida’s New GPS Law and Where It Applies

Private citizens who use GPS devices against others now face criminal prosecution and …

What to Know About the New Warrant Requirements for Electronic Communications

California’s new law increases privacy protections for individuals

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