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The Postman

Howard Bashman provides all the news about the appellate world in his blog ‘How Appealing’

Where There's Smoke, There's Sheller and Heim

How two Super Lawyers keep a friendship intact despite being on opposite sides of tobacco litigation

Rendell's Right-Hand Woman

Barbara Adams helps keep the state running

Bend It Like Rotwitt

Jeff Rotwitt is having a ball running the Philadelphia Kixx

The Guy on the White Horse

Civil rights pioneer and criminal defense expert David Rudovsky has fought injustice for more than 30 years

Top Gun

Jim Beasley Jr. doesn’t fly commercial

Darwin's Defender

If not for Eric Rothschild, students in Dover, and perhaps across the country, would be learning intelligent design as well as evolution

The Bounty Hunter

Robert Goldman has traveled the globe tracking down stolen art

Ring Master

In the legal world, Jimmy Binns is the undisputed champ

Cohan's Koan

Larry Cohan believes in the transforming power of yoga

The Evel Knievel of Boston Law

Think Darin Smith is daunted by much after taking turns at 125 mph? Not likely

The 50 Masks of Judson Pierce

For Judson Pierce, the play’s the thing

Most Valuable Player

Rachel Splaine Rollins has channeled the competitive drive that made her a top lacrosse player into a groundbreaking legal career

Soul Man

Dan Rabinovitz performs in court by day and with rock ’n’ soul legends by night

The Goliath Slayer

Need a lawyer to take on the medical industry, the NFL or some other massive entity? Alan Milstein is your man

Public Defender

Whether through his work on the bench or in Iraq, Stephen Orlofsky is driven by a need to serve

Pit Boss

Casino lawyer Nick Casiello’s clients always seem to hit the jackpot

New England Patriot

Few take the responsibilities of US citizenship as seriously as Peter Vickery