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Rosemarie's Baby

At Rosemarie Arnold's firm -- where more than a thousand cases are open at any given time -- the client is king

First Lady

Karol Corbin Walker has made a career out of doing what has never been done before

Pull a Fast One on David Chase’s Lawyer? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Nothing in entertainment law is likely to get past Peter Skolnik

Nurse Forte to the Courtroom, Stat!

Carol Forte traded in her stethoscope for a briefcase and has become one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in the land

The Renaissance of Sig Silber

He picked up a paintbrush at age 50 and an artist was born

Corliss in Charge

At first, she just wanted to be a lawyer. Now she’s the first African American to head an Atlanta office of a national firm

Al Gore's Lawyer

Who did the former vice president call for help in arguing his case during the battle for Florida? Teresa Wynn Roseborough

Travelin' Man

Tom Harrold has not only picked up 2.3 million frequent flyer miles during his travels, he’s also become friends with Helmut and Mikhail

All the World is Jeff Lewis’ Stage

A former football hero/movie star shines in his role at Holland & Knight

Bill Needle likes the law. But he loves barbecue

Bill Needle likes the law. But he loves barbecue

The Legal Guitarist

Life is just a song for Doc Schneider

Behind Door One: Torture Behind Door Two: Deportation

Mona Patel-Sikora opens a third door for abused immigrant women

Watching Over the City of Dreams

Theme parks and movies and politics, oh my

Spider-Man's Savior

Carole Handler’s very apt appellation

Grilling George Foreman

How Henry Holmes helped create one of the most successful product introductions of the era

Unbelievable Batting Averages

Three L.A. lawyers who can’t seem to lose

No Secrets: Fighting for the Press’s Right to Know

From O.J. to Oklahoma City, Kelli Sager keeps the courts open

The Man Who Wrote the Bible

David Nimmer knows copyright law … and Winnie the Pooh