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Unbelievable Batting Averages

Three L.A. lawyers who can’t seem to lose

No Secrets: Fighting for the Press’s Right to Know

From O.J. to Oklahoma City, Kelli Sager keeps the courts open

The Man Who Wrote the Bible

David Nimmer knows copyright law … and Winnie the Pooh

A Human Rights Stop in Venice Beach

The Burmese generals ask: What’s wrong with a little forced labor?

The Family Doctor

Patrice Ball-Reed works hard to keep Chicago families together—including her own

Christos' Counselor

Unique legal problems arise when your client wants to wrap entire islands in fabric

A Safer Chicago

How Ron Safer and his team took down the Gangster Disciples

Cherry on Top

Bill Clinton's pal Mike Cherry is a Chicago legend

My Own Private Nuremberg

Bill Schiller’s work in the former Yugoslavia helped the U.N. identify the bad guys

The Rocket Scientists' Go-To Guy

It takes a smart lawyer to work with rocket scientists

Chicago's Most-Feared Attorney

Bob Clifford is a lamb who turns into a lion when he’s confronted by injustice

Tour de French

Judi French: Without Limits

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Zambia

Will that be a red or a white with your crocodile steak?

So Sous Me

Chef knife in hand, Terry Monnie cooks for great causes

Does Captain America Live in Cleveland?

Defending peace and justice in Cuyahoga County

King of the Road

Michael Leizerman’s career just keeps on trucking

The Collector

How do you break writer's block? Fly to Tierra del Fuego, of course