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An Appetite for Deduction

Five Columbus attorneys don’t mince words when moonlighting as restaurant critics

Making Cleveland Cleveland

Fred Nance is helping push Cleveland to the top ranks of American cities

A Fearless and Ferocious Fraud Fighter

Crime doesn’t pay, but the criminals do — when Joseph Dehner goes after them

Bill Hall: The Picture of American Health

Bill Hall changed the state of health care in Indiana 33 years ago and is still going strong today

Are Lawyers Taking Over Indiana?

More and more, the top echelons of business and government are being filled by lawyers

A Duck Takes to Water

After a lifetime spent in courtrooms, Berkley Duck sets to sea

Mike Tyson Redux

Sometimes the worst defense can be offensive

Lawyer of Invention

Loving Frank Zappa ... and the law

The Adrenaline Law Firm

Is there something in the water at Woodard Emhardt that encourages daredevilism?

You'll Not See Nothing Like the Mighty O'Quinn

The man The Wall Street Journal calls the “second richest lawyer” in America says when it comes to winning cases, he’s number one

Life (and Law) Begins at 40

Mary Alice McLarty took the long way to becoming a lawyer. But she’s made up for lost time.

The Poster Child for ... Posters

Rogge Dunn sees art where others see only advertising

It's Good to Be the King

He may be the richest lawyer in America, but even at 78 Joe Jamail shows no signs of slowing down

The Accidental Trail Blazer

When that (other) rich and famous Texan decided to run for president, he chose Kim J. Askew to lead the charge

Is the GOP’s Big Tent Too Small?

Mark Lanier, founder of the Christian Trial Lawyers Association, is no one's liberal

Les is More

The Mystery of the Week is “How does Les Weisbrod find time for everything he does?”

Political Lawyers

Patrick Oxford and Boe Martin

Everyone Likes Ike

Rumors of his client's death have been greatly exaggerated