Super Lawyers Articles

‘A Hole in the Constitution’

Linda Klein on the story behind the 25th Amendment

Featuring Linda A. Klein

Larry Laycock’s Christmas Stories

How one lawyer’s post-trial mopes spawned a tradition

Featuring Larry R. Laycock

Romero & Romero

The Right Track

From railroads to secret fried chicken recipes, Ben Slater is a force in the courtroom

Featuring Benjamin R. Slater, III

Safe Haven

Michelle Roy takes an asylum case with the highest of stakes

Featuring Michelle M. Roy

Discovery with Erzsebet Pifko

Erzsebet Pifko talks particle physics, Bowie and Oreo cheesecake

Featuring Erzsebet Pifko

Local Counsel with Paul J. Masinter

New Orleans attorney Paul Masinter tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Paul J. Masinter

Seven Questions With Lloyd Shefsky

The author takes us inside his new book

Featuring Lloyd E. Shefsky

Book Case

Angela Matney shares her story in the Human Library 

Featuring Angela R. Matney

Spoon Photo & Design

‘This Is Family Law Now’

AAML President Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich on assisted reproductive techniques and the new House …

Featuring Madeline M. Marzano-Lesnevich

Luigi Ciuffetelli

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Estate Planning

Steven Widdes lightened the mood with self-deprecating humor

Featuring Steven A. Widdes

The Protector of Families

Montgomery County family law magistrate Bibi Berry says attorneys guided by the core value …


When Love Walked In

As lawyer John Cord and his wife, Kelly, were working their way through their bucket list, they …

Featuring John Cord

An Empire of Concealed Assets

How Richard Goldberg and David Shuster got terminating sanctions in a bankruptcy case

Featuring Richard M. Goldberg, …

(R)IP Address

What happens to our e-pulse after death? Estate planning Anne Coventry is on the case

Featuring Anne W. Coventry

Local Counsel with Robert Brewer Jr.

The Bethesda attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Featuring Robert G. Brewer, Jr.

Ross Van Pelt

Reflecting with Marie-Joëlle Khouzam

To this Columbus lawyer, it’s all about listening before jumping in

Featuring Marie-Joëlle C. Khouzam

Family Recipe

Charles and Ellen Rittgers built a thriving firm together—and brought son Charlie into the …

Featuring Charles H. Rittgers, …

Motorcycle Man

Anthony Castelli tries to make the riding easier for Cincinnati riders

Featuring Anthony D. Castelli

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