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Wayne Parsons' Contribution to the Apollo 11 Mission

Remembering the mission on its 50th Anniversary

Featuring Wayne Parsons

Taking the Reins

Christine D. Esser is determined to make a difference, one gallop at a time

Featuring Christine D. Esser

Still Bringing It

John Elmore doesn’t recount glory days. He keeps living them

Featuring John V. Elmore

Northern Exposure

Florina Altshiler wanted to work high-level felonies. She found them in Anchorage

Featuring Florina Altshiler

Ale in a Day's Work

Brendan Palfreyman is so good at repping craft breweries, they named a beer for him

Featuring Brendan M. Palfreyman

The Linchpin

From a Hollywood life to Albany law, the common theme was communication

Featuring JulieAnn Calareso

Robert's Rules of Order

Robert Weinstine on the civility of yesteryear

Featuring Robert R. Weinstine

9 Stories

What was it like being part of the first wave of women attorneys? Nine Oregon lawyers tell …Featuring Janet Lee Hoffman, …

All Hands on Deck

Nadia Dahab’s roundabout path to the law and pro bono immigration work 

Featuring Nadia H. Dahab

Moot Camp

Renée Rothauge is helping female attorneys improve trial skills one seminar at a time

Featuring Renée E. Rothauge

Antiques Homeshow

How Arthur Saito came to steward an Asian art collection

Featuring Arthur K. Saito

The Greater Good

Bill Pentelovitch has been pushing Minnesota forward for nearly a half century

Featuring William Z. Pentelovitch

Joni's Way

Joni Thome got fired, then changed the state of employment in Minnesota

Featuring Joni M. Thome

We Can Do Something

Mike Cavallaro helps hospitals provide clothes for those who need them

Featuring Michael A. Cavallaro

Cheers to Michael Madigan

How to build a thriving alcohol practice before last call

Featuring Michael D. Madigan

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