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Small Pond

Six attorneys who found happiness in Florida’s quieter cornersFeaturing David L. Manz, …

Second to None

To overcome racism, Elaine Johnson James’ mother told her, she’d have to work harder …Featuring Elaine Johnson James

?You?re on Mute?

Miami litigator Jeffrey Bast on the good, bad and ugly of video conferencingFeaturing Jeffrey Bast

Triple Threat

How a strategy for beating stress turned into a lifetime passion for Ironman athlete Lydia …Featuring Lydia Harley

The Company of Musicians

How a stint at a record label led Lorri Lomnitzer to intellectual property lawFeaturing Lorri Lomnitzer

Taking on 3M

Bryan Aylstock represents Army vets in a massive suit over combat earplugsFeaturing Bryan F. Aylstock

On Life, Football and Second Chances

How Karl Pansler turned a personal tragedy into a mission to keep young lives on trackFeaturing Karl F. Pansler

The Helping Habit

Lisa Kelley credits her mom with her dedication to volunteer workFeaturing Elizabeth V. Kelley

'A Fire in Her to Protect the Victim'

Why Natalie Weatherford only takes sex abuse casesFeaturing Natalie Weatherford

Being Atticus

What’s it like to be named for the most beloved lawyer in American literature?Featuring Atticus N. Wegman

Climate Goals

Environmental attorney Mitchell Tsai on how developers game the system

A Philadelphia Story

Entertainment law pioneer Lloyd Remick is still evolving at 84Featuring Lloyd Zane Remick

My Name is My Name

Five Pennsylvania solo acts on why they stepped out alone

Puppet Master

Adam Hiller learned the art of performance at Six FlagsFeaturing Adam Hiller


Amy B. Ginensky’s second actFeaturing Amy B. Ginensky

The Crooked Path

Any journey contains sudden shifts, Brionna Denby knowsFeaturing Brionna L. Denby

Come. Sit. Stay.

Visiting Matt Andersen’s dog-friendly beertopiaFeaturing Matthew B. Andersen

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