Super Lawyers Articles

Finding My America

Six immigrants share their journeys to become Michigan attorneys

Featuring George P. Mann, …

The Way Back Home

Homayune Ghaussi works to bring law back to Afghanistan

Featuring Homayune A. Ghaussi

Notes from Justice Souter

Clerking for a SCOTUS judge left a lasting impact on Riyaz Kanji

Featuring Riyaz A. Kanji

Spreading Civics One Instagram Video at a Time

The Your Big Idea scholarship program was actually Julie Moore’s big idea

Featuring Julie Moore

Luke Copping

The Kids Are All Right

Personal injury lawyer Jim Scime came out on the other side of trauma and helps his clients do …

Featuring James T. Scime

‘Let Someone Else Make the Porridge’

Rochester lawyers Bernadette Catalana and Kelly Odorisi get candid about women and the law

Featuring Bernadette W. Catalana, …

Son of a Son of a Sailor

David Adams raced boats around the world before deciding to work for the rest of his life

Featuring David R. Adams

Soehl Power

Margie Soehl brings a global perspective to intimate situations—even her own

Featuring Margie A. Soehl

Rick Dahms

Dina Alexander Leans In

The real estate attorney helps guide Portland through its growing pains

Featuring Dina E. Alexander

The Least Bad Choice

Health care attorney Eric Neiman fears the legal implications of Volk v. DeMeerleer

Featuring Eric J. Neiman

‘Leave Things Better’

Joshua Stadtler’s pro bono work stems from the Jewish tenet Tikkun Olam

Featuring Joshua Stadtler

Faster Each Year

As peers retire, Kelly Andersen climbs and cycles mountains

Featuring Kelly L. Andersen

Discovery with Jovita T. Wang

Jovita Wang on bitcoin dreams and Kafka cocktails


Houston’s Mark Lanier Wins $4.7 Billion Verdict in Talcum Case

The largest jury award in the U.S. this year went against Johnson & Johnson 

Featuring Mark Lanier

Gregory Cowley

Trying History

How Dale Minami took on the U.S. government and rewrote an internment survivor’s story

Featuring Dale Minami

Gregory Cowley

The Artful Dance

Jennifer Hartman King brings harmony when developers and state regulators start butting heads

Featuring Jennifer M. Hartman King

Public Access

Michael Nunez fights for the right of people of all abilities to enjoy the good things in …

Featuring Michael S. Nunez

From Raider to Litigator

Bob Moore once caught passes from Kenny Stabler; now his wins take place in the …

Featuring Robert R. Moore

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