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Complicated Family Dynamics

Gabrielle Vidal is often involved in high-drama estate litigation but won’t name namesFeaturing Gabrielle A. Vidal

One Case at a Time

How a kid from LA and a prodigy from the USSR met, fell in love, and started a practiceFeaturing Yana Henriks, …

Universal Soldier

Elsa Ramo began her entertainment practice on the Universal back lotFeaturing Elsa Ramo

Exactly Rocket Science

Gary M. Paul’s work during the heyday of the space raceFeaturing Gary M. Paul

The Moving Target

Former ‘Top Gun’ pilot Thomas P. O’Brien on meeting presidents and staring down …Featuring Thomas P. O'Brien

Five Months in Jerusalem

Eliza Ghanooni recounts clerking for Israel’s Supreme CourtFeaturing Eliza Ghanooni

The Bridge to Armenia

Mhare Mouradian gives back to the country he never knewFeaturing Mhare Mouradian

The Difference Maker

The passion and decorum of J. Bernard Alexander IIIFeaturing J. Bernard Alexander, III

The Two-Culture Edge

Irene Y. Lee’s motto is ‘avoid drama’; opposing attorneys don’t always …Featuring Irene Y. Lee

Working Within

In a polarized world, Michael Greene finds his way by focusing on the factsFeaturing Michael J. Greene

'Attorney, Artist, Activist'

Preetha Suresh Rini lives her Twitter bio out loudFeaturing Preetha Rini

Bourbon Legend

How Melinda Morris Zanoni helped bring an Ava Gardner signature drink line to lifeFeaturing Melinda Morris Zanoni

Full MacGyver

Lance Williams fought in the Cold War and the Gulf War, and was called into the aftermath …Featuring Lance Williams

An Unwilling Party

How Craig Dilger defended the University of Louisville against furious fansFeaturing Craig C. Dilger

A Comforting Face

Elaine Tso makes it her business to care for Northeast Ohio’s Asian populationFeaturing Elaine Tso

Sweet Success

How Joe Suhre turned beekeeping into a thriving businessFeaturing Joseph B. Suhre

The Strategist

Gerry Leeseberg knows when to go on the attack and when to rein it inFeaturing Gerald S. Leeseberg

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