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Calming the Waters

Robert Brandt tries to lower temperatures in family law cases and raise them at the …Featuring Robert C. Brandt

Medium Cool

Why you can't fluster Mona HannaFeaturing Mona Z. Hanna

Mixed Judicial Arts

Former Superior Court Judge Peter Polos now passes judgment on MMA fightsFeaturing Peter J. Polos

Is a Gamer an Artist?

Bryan Freedman attempts to make law in a growing $152 billion industryFeaturing Bryan J. Freedman


Sibylle Grebe’s long road to the law includes work as an au pair in Indiana and a …Featuring Sibylle Grebe

Madigan, Bargain Again

Denise Madigan helps teach female professionals to negotiate for themselvesFeaturing Denise Madigan

Orange County

Civil rights attorney Olu Orange fights to hold police and governments accountableFeaturing Olu K. Orange

Deadline L.A.

Guy Gruppie had the best job in the world: sports reporter; then he got a better oneFeaturing Guy R. Gruppie

The Most Expensive Orchestra Ever

The LA Lawyers Philharmonic measures time by the director’s beat rather than in six-minute …Featuring Roberta Burnette Elliott, …

Local Counsel with Jaion Chung

The transportation and general liability attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhoodFeaturing Jaion Chung

Class in Court

Educating law students—and juries—sharpens Ed Walters’ courtroom skills

Featuring Edward J. Walters, Jr.

Not Everything Is a Pearl

Charles Stern on a hard lesson learned at the U.S. Supreme Court

Featuring Charles L. Stern, Jr.

And in This Corner

Annie McBride knows how to throw a punch—and how to take one

Featuring Annie McBride

Smack Dab in the Middle of Writing and the Law

Jo Hackl finds a way to balance, and succeed, in both pursuits

Featuring Jo Watson Hackl

The Bold Type

Cheryl Hepfer bloodied her forehead against glass ceilings so the next class of women lawyers …Featuring Cheryl L. Hepfer

The Fight for Victims' Rights

The horrific crime that made a lawyer out of Steven Kelly

Featuring Steven J. Kelly

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