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Regular check-ins, respecting videoconference preferences, and other tips for working from home

Longtime work-from-home attorney Venkat Balasubramani offers best practices and a glimpse into a …Featuring Venkat Balasubramani

Trail Blazer

Amy Emerson hits the ground running, whether she’s taming construction disputes or exploring …Featuring Amy M. Emerson

Technical Difficulties

Or why you should always bring a stack of boxes to courtFeaturing T.J. Jones

Courtroom Drama

A role in Inherit the Wind set theater kid Danielle Hatchitt on a path that led to the lawFeaturing Danielle K. Hatchitt

Colin Pogge's Teachable Moments

You can’t take this Houston litigator out of the classroomFeaturing Colin Pogge

'The Mom Guilt Is Real'

Christine Leatherberry co-founded Moms in Law to help women attorneys balance work and home

Dodge Challenger

A dodgeball fundraiser is just one of the ways David Gail gives backFeaturing David B. Gail

Won't Back Down

Alreen Haeggquist and Amber Eck have taken on the Salk Institute, Fairmont Grand, and Donald TrumpFeaturing Amber L. Eck, …


Ilona Antonyan keeps defying expectationsFeaturing Ilona Antonyan

The Enforcement Mechanism

How Daniel T. Pascucci became an expert in global asset recoveryFeaturing Daniel T. Pascucci

'What We Do'

Why Brian Martin believes pro bono work benefits himself as much as his clientsFeaturing Brian D. Martin

Rosenberg Martin Greenberg’s COVID-19 Online Resource Center for Business Clients

With the law changing every day, Barry Greenberg and his team created an online crisis-response …Featuring Barry C. Greenberg

Helping Where He Can

Ryan Schildkraut contributes to the effort to support craft brewing employees during the COVID-19 …Featuring Ryan Schildkraut

Prisons, COVID-19 and the New Definition of Public Safety

As Covid-19 numbers rise in New Jersey, Brian Neary argues for release of pretrial defendants with …Featuring Brian J. Neary

'Life Feels Different'

Steve Sidman on the questions restaurateurs and chefs have during the COVID-19 pandemicFeaturing Steven S. Sidman

Advising Health Care Providers in the Wake of COVID-19

Health care attorney Adam Balick weighs in on how COVID-19 is impacting his clients and practiceFeaturing Adam Balick

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