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Family Matters

Jeanne Tate’s life’s work is about bringing parents and children togetherFeaturing Jeanne T. Tate

Someone People Want to Follow

Jaret Davis believes in the power of technology and the ability of humans to work togetherFeaturing Jaret L. Davis

First Things First

Carol LoCicero fights for her media clients’ constitutional rightsFeaturing Carol Jean LoCicero

How Richard Schwamm Found His Voice

A childhood speech impediment couldn’t derail his dreamsFeaturing Richard B. Schwamm

New Heights

At 50, Mary Ruth Houston decided it was time to start climbing mountainsFeaturing Mary Ruth Houston

'I Was So Ill I Didn't Know I Was Ill'

Ira Leesfield’s battle with COVID-19 gave him new perspectiveFeaturing Ira H. Leesfield

Staying Grounded

Sarah Lahlou-Amine says taking on pro bono work can remind lawyers how fortunate they areFeaturing Sarah Lahlou-Amine

Lawyer's Best Friend

How a poodle named Aristotle brings calm to Joel Feldman’s family law officeFeaturing Joel H. Feldman

'Because of Steve'

In life and law, Steve Pajcic has always set his sights on empowering others Featuring Stephen J. Pajcic, III

Compassion, the Constitution and Queen

Discovery with Renee ThompsonFeaturing Reneé E. Thompson

The 2 Billion Dollar Man

How R. Brent Wisner landed one of the largest product-defect jury awards in historyFeaturing R. Brent Wisner

Hooray for Bollywood

Nitasha Khanna lists her favorite films from IndiaFeaturing Nitasha Khanna

Summer Abroad

What Melanie Meneses Palmer learned in Phnom PenhFeaturing Melanie Meneses Palmer

Prepare and Persevere

Jennifer Oden and Marshall Cole on how the sports world prepared them for the legal worldFeaturing Marshall R. Cole, …

Okay, Let's Talk About My Favorite Podcast

Discovery with Alia J. DanielsFeaturing Alia J. Daniels

Going Bollywood

Family law attorney Nitasha Khanna has a background in Hindi danceFeaturing Nitasha Khanna

Discrimination Suit Can Proceed Against Contra Costa DA's Office

San Francisco firms Nichols Law and Ratner Molineaux are representing 5 women deputy DAsFeaturing Sarah Nichols

Police Killing Leads to Changes in Columbus, Ohio

Dayton attorney Michael Wright and team negotiated a $10 million settlementFeaturing Michael L. Wright

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